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Backend/Frontend/Fullstack/App developers - RetailBuddy - Barcelona

If you want to be part of building a growing international company & be a major part fo a new development team and stack - RetailBuddy will be a fantastic adventure for you!

RetailBuddy has a mission to enhance the retail experience through digital innovation.

Come and be part of our  journey to completely change the retail landscape by being part of our development team. You wouldn’t believe the journey we are in right now. 

We are traveling at very high speeds, with many variables interacting at once, learning as we go with a really cool business model, and with no limits to what we can achieve! The digital transformation is only in its beginning and there is so much we could do together with our partners to improve peoples lives – and we know that you will be on top of seizing those opportunities. 

As a developer, you will have the opportunity to work at the forefront of the digital transformation of the retail industry, growing the platform and the product to meet the challenges of a continuously growing demand. The tech stack is in its early state which means that you will have a freedom together with you colleagues to affect both the architecture and the stack. When you read this you immediately start to think about modern ways to build platforms, and words such as server-less might popup.

We love that you are as passionate about development and have a genuine interest in software development, and are not afraid to experiment. You believe in our mission to make life easier and more sustainable for everyone in the digital society. You are of course a people person and enjoy building relationships, rather than having transactional exchanges. With a great blend between structured and creative, you have a natural ability to be organised in your work while identifying gaps and potential for new and creative opportunities.


  • Professional experience developing web applications with modern Javascript based framework such as ReactJS or VueJS.
  • HTML/CSS, I'm not sure we need to discuss this? :D
  • You master both UI and UX, and you're almost questioning the need for a designer, but deep inside you still really feel that we need the designers!
  • Adaptability and strong problem solving skills.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English. 
  • Being a Spanish speaker is a bonus.


  • You might not have a degree but you're all about computer science.
  • Professional experience developing web based services using Node.js or any other Javascript based framework.
  • Experience in developing services in the cloud, preferably AWS.
  • An interest and motivation to work with modern frameworks.
  • Experience in one or more of these database technologies: RDBM (MySQL, Postgres), DocumentDB/MongoDB, Redis
  • Adaptability and strong problem solving skills.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English.
  • Being a Spanish speaker is a bonus.


You might be a fullstack engineer and use React Native / NativeScript / Flutter, or you might be an expert building native apps for etiher iOS (Swift) or Android (Kotlin)


A mix of above and more!


Join us

¿Conoces a alguien que sería aún mejor? Cuéntaselo.

¿Por qué trabajar con nosotros?

  • Únete a nosotros y contribuye a revolucionar el sector de la electrónica poniendo la tecnología al alcance de todos

  • Horarios flexibles. Tú eliges tu disponibilidad laboral

  • Formación continuada: Nuestros clientes son lo más importante. Por esta razón, formamos a nuestros Buddies para que siempre puedan ayudarles en un sector con un desarrollo trepidante

Acerca de nosotros

¡Ayúdanos a revolucionar el sector de la electrónica! 

El consumidor está listo para dar un paso más, pero necesita ayuda para superar los obstáculos actuales. Nosotros somos esta ayuda. Únete a nosotros y ayuda a los clientes con la tecnología del momento e incluso aconséjales en sus compras para que siempre estén satisfechos.

TechBuddy es una empresa comprometida a garantizar que los productos se fabriquen de manera responsable y, de este modo, etiquetar ecológicamente los productos electrónicos del hogar para que el consumidor se sienta seguro durante toda su vida útil.

El compromiso de TechBuddy con su personal es grande y nos aseguramos de actualizar su formación y conocimientos. Todo ello con un único objetivo: orientar al cliente en la dirección adecuada.


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